Making your marketing messages matter to your customers 

One of the biggest challenges facing marketers in the financial services industry is standing out from a seemingly indistinguishable crowd of competitors. 

For many customers, financial institutions all seem to look and sound the same. They're often focused on their products' features, not on how they can change their customers' lives for the better. But it doesn't have to be this way; you CAN stand out from the crowd. ​That's what Outstanding Copywriting is all about.

My name is James Burns and I am a freelance financial services copywriter specializing in direct-response and digital content. I work with a broad range of companies across the financial services spectrum, including Sun Life Financial, American Express, Meridian Credit Union, HomEquity Bank, QTrade and advertising agencies.    

I dig deep for whatever makes your company or products different. I work to discover or create what is unique so as to make you stand out from the crowd. Because when you stand out from the crowd and come across as being different, people take notice. They listen. And they buy.

Moving away from features and focusing on benefits

I always focus on benefits and write from the customer’s point of view, showing how people just like them benefited from these financial services, and how they could, too.

So I write about a credit card that can help them visit the sister they haven't seen in a decade. Or the mutual fund that will help them pay for their kids' education. Or the insurance product that will get them back in their damaged car in only a couple of days. Or the financial newsletter that will help them take early retirement from the job they hate.

I research, in great depth, both your products and your ideal customers, and bring them together. I make your customers picture their new, happy, stress-free and wealthier life thanks to your product or service. And then I lead them by the hand so they can buy it from you.

Find out more about me ​

Please look around the site and find out more about how we could work together. You can take a look at my bio, find answers to questions clients typically ask in the FAQ section, and read some samples of my work.

​You can also find out exactly how I work by looking at the Process page, which also details the investment costs for different services, and read about what other people have said about me in Testimonials.

You can contact me by calling me at 647 218 8606, by emailing me at, or by filling in the contact form. I look forward to working with you to help you stand out from the

financial crowd. 


Digital now the #2 medium for delivering leads for the financial services sector

Outstanding Copywriting's digital marketing survey revealed some interesting insights into where digital stands in the overall marketing mix and the most effective channels for lead generation with the best ROI. 

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​​​​​Helping your financial services marketing 

stand out in a world of sameness

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James Burns

“James’ writing is clear and his messaging is engaging.

He’s empathetic, and good at seeing things from the customer’s point of view, to bring out the “what’s in it for me?”

James' projects always come in on time, as he’s a stickler for punctuality. He is always dependable and goes the extra mile whenever necessary. I highly recommend him.” 

- Mike McCurlie, MJM Media