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What people say about James 

“James’ writing is clear and his messaging is engaging...

He’s empathetic, and good at seeing things from the customer’s point of view, to bring out the “what’s in it for me?” James' projects always come in on time, as he’s a stickler for punctuality. He is always dependable and goes the extra mile whenever necessary. I highly recommend him.” 
- Mike McCurlie
“James is diligent, and exact in everything he does...

and has a great momentum with work, which proves invaluable when you are working on a project with him.  He sees the job through to the end and applies himself wholeheartedly to everything he turns his hand to. He understands the bigger picture also and where the task fits into one’s business.

I consider James a great asset to any company, with not only great skills, but also useful and varied experience, which can be applied effectively to different scenarios. He is thorough in all he does and is a trustworthy and outstanding person. Not only does his work ethic stand out, but also his achievements with his writing. He has been an effective writer for as many years as I have known him.

With James satisfaction is guaranteed as he ensures that what he delivers is first class and tailored for your requirements.“
- Mark Trapnell

“James has consistently proven himself... 

to be a person of many and varied skills. Always enthusiastic, dedicated, hard working and creative, he excels at marketing, research and writing. He has a natural aptitude for editorial content creation/management and was instrumental in the development of our new digital platforms. He is excellent at coming up with new ideas and his proposals were always well thought out and prepared.

I would have no hesitation in recommending James."
- Gerard Baines

“James delivered high quality scripting, filming, interviewing and editing...

in the promotional video he reproduced for us. He remained flexible and responsive; even after he had delivered the finished product, he was willing to provide a revised version in addition to the version from the original proposal, in a very timely manner.”
- Jonathan Morgan


“James’ chief characteristics are always integrity, intelligence, humour...

and an ability to get on with individuals from all walks of life.  He is also hard working. He is a good team player who helps generate a strong bond of trust between people – I think due to his integrity and humour. James is a natural communicator both orally and verbally and has been writing all of his adult life. Key to this is an innate understanding of people, which allows him to get his message across to any audience effectively.

I can sincerely recommend James to anyone who wishes to hire him – they will find him a great asset who will always generate value.”
- Jon Grayson

“James Burns is a terrific writer: he’s fast, prolific, bold and thoughtful...

His writing is nimble, clear and he taps an enormous vocabulary and literary background. He’s a great storyteller who truly understands high-level narrative along with the necessary nuts and bolts of elegant sentences.

He works like mad to get his writing in early, and always seems to deliver in advance of deadline. I look forward to working with him again – he’s constantly honing his craft, and I can’t help but recommend his writing (and personality) to anyone.” 
- Tate Young

“I would have no hesitation in recommending James as a professional writer...

and an expert in financial services copywriting. He has a huge amount of experience of writing and editing and always adds value to the content that he is working on.  In addition to that I have always found him an ideal person to talk to when you want to brainstorm new ideas.

He’s conscientious, reliable and is well used to meeting tight deadlines. “
- Tim Graham

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with James on a variety of projects over the years. I have come to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive writer who always delivers with speed and enthusiasm.
James is full of excellent yet pragmatic ideas and willing to develop and implement plans to make them happen. Along with his undeniable talent, James has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and deliver projects.”
- Jim Morrison

“I am inspired by James’ intelligence, energy, perspicacity...

and ability to communicate with both passion and understanding. He has high emotional intelligence. I wouldn't doubt for a second how hard he would work for anyone who was wise enough to hire him.

He is principled but not discriminatory, humorous but not superficial, earnest but not sombre. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
- Donald Smith

“James is creative...

gets on exceedingly well with everyone he comes into contact with and can be trusted to deliver. He makes a wider contribution with his sense of humour and determination to succeed
In all my collaborations and dealings with James, I have found him to be collegiate and intelligent, humble and with an acute attention to detail; whether in his observations or professional output.  I would recommend James to anyone who is seeking a confident and articulate writer, who can deliver results.”
- Alex Riha


“James Burns is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know...

He will go the extra mile for his clients. James is creative in his intelligent approach to problems, and he is extremely organized. He is adaptable, and always strives to meet his clients’ needs.”
- Curtiss Boyington

“Confident, well-spoken and assured...

James is one of the warmest and most sociable people I know, with a remarkable amount of positive energy which drives him both in his professional and personal life to be the very best he can be, at all times. He is trustworthy, kind and sensitive but with a great sense of humour. I would not hesitate to recommend James.”
- Karen Garner

“James is very good communicator...

very personable and easy to get along with. He is also reliable and good at building and maintaining relationships.”
- Andrew Inshan 

You can contact me by phone at 647 218 8606, by email at James@OutstandingCopywriting.com, or by filling in the contact form. I look forward to working with you and helping you stand out from the financial crowd. 

James Burns