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Frequently Asked Questions   

What is your financial services background?

I offer a unique mixture of experience that combines persuasive writing (short and long-form ad copy, websites, landing pages, direct response letters, etc.), journalism and a financial background.

I worked for a groundbreaking UK start-up called Investis, which produces and hosts investor relations pages and corporate websites for listed companies. I had two roles with Investis.

As the editor of online IR content, I was involved in producing and/or editing the whole gamut of Investor Relations content, including financial reports and highlights; closing stock prices; performance metrics; shareholder info (FAQs, analyst coverage, email alerts); corporate governance (directors, officers, documents); financial conditions and corporate responsibility. 

I was also responsible for producing the company’s newsletter, Inside IR. Investis was constantly innovating and introducing new, unique products. By highlighting these products in the newsletter and, most importantly, illustrating how they would make our clients’ lives so much easier, we were able to sell a wide and growing range of products to an ever-growing client base.

By consistently delivering high-value information in the newsletter, such as latest industry reporting standards, innovations in IR reporting and interviews with key IR professionals, the newsletter developed a level of trust with potential clients and a reputation as an expert in the industry. Many of the prospects who received the newsletter became our customers.

I also have several years of experience working in the world of mortgages, providing a wide range of products including “A” side mortgages (purchases, refinances and renewals), “B” side mortgages (for self-employed people and those with poor credit) and private second and third mortgages.

What other writing experience do you have?

I spent several years in the advertising department of a major UK newspaper, The Guardian, working on advertisers’ ad copy to maximize the quality and quantity of response to their ads. 

By writing copy that tapped into the target audience’s emotional hot buttons, I succeeded in getting a high quantity and quality response for my clients.

This not only helped to grow their business with new customers, but also saved them time in only dealing with qualified leads that had a higher chance of converting.

Writing has always been a passion and for five years I worked as a journalist. This helped me to fine tune my writing style and hone my research skills. I have also had two non-fiction books published, one as writer, the other as co-writer.

I believe that the success of writing effective copy stems from in-depth research. This is where I strive to know my clients’ business almost as well as they know it themselves. And this is how I get to understand their customers - how they think, what motivates them and which emotional buttons to press.

Also, I am a graduate of the American Writers and Artists Inc.’s highly specialized copywriting courses. AWAI is the industry leader in copywriter training. 

What kinds of financial services companies do you write for?

I specialize in writing for banks (of all sizes, all manner of products), mortgage lenders, brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, other investment management companies, insurance companies and investment newsletters. 

What kinds of copywriting services do you offer?

I have included a full list of my copywriting services on the Process page, but typically I produce persuasive writing designed to elicit a direct response from financial services clients.

This can include direct response sales letters, website copy, landing page copy (often linked to the selection of keywords and the writing of pay-per-click and/or banner ads) and emails.

I also write sales funnel copy/client nurturing copy, such as newsletters, blogs, white papers, case studies and articles.

​How long will it take to write my copywriting projects?

I typically like to have two to three weeks to work on your copy, depending on the size of the project. However, I realize that sometimes you need copy completed quicker. When we discuss the scope of each project we will work together to set deadlines that work for both of us. I will have the finished project on your desk on or before our agreed deadline.

What if we need to make revisions to the copy?

I see this process as a team effort. We will work together to ensure that your web copy, landing pages, sales letters, emails etc., are exactly how you want them. Before I put pen to paper (or touch the keyboard) we will discuss in depth the product and the response you want to get from your customers.

We will agree on the direction of the writing before I even begin to research it, thus ensuring that we are both on the same page regarding the key messages.  If, on delivery of your project, there is anything that you want to change, we will discuss it in detail and I will make the revisions as noted. There is no added charge for the first two sets of revisions.

What is it like working with you?

I recently asked a number of people – both clients and friends - what they considered to be my strengths. While many mentioned my ability to communicate anything to anyone, my professionalism and work ethic, one aspect of working with me came to the fore: my ability to cultivate and maintain personal and business relationships.

I see our working relationship as being a partnership whereby I help you to build your client base. I intend for our business relationship to develop to the point where you consider me to be an essential partner in your overall marketing strategy.

How do we get started?

Hiring me for your projects is easy. You can drop me an email at James@OutstandingCopywriting.com or call me on 647 218 8606. 

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“James is very good communicator, very personable and easy to get along with. He is also reliable and good at building and maintaining relationships.”
- Andrew Inshan 

“James Burns is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know. He will go the extra mile for his clients. James is creative in his intelligent approach to problems, and he is extremely organized. He is adaptable, and always strives to meet his clients’ needs.”
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